[aprssig] Weather Bulletins for Central/South Central PA

DL3 timelord64 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 10:00:48 EST 2007

See my answers below...

On 12/15/07, Stephen H. Smith <wa8lmf2 at aol.com> wrote:
> DL3 wrote:
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> Just realized a couple of questions that need answering....
> 1)    You have downloaded and installed the NWS shapefiles haven't
> you?    Without the shapefiles, you MAY see a few alerts sent as APRS
> area objects by individual hams,  but the vast majority of warnings and
> watches, originated by the NWS, won't show without the shape files
> installed and UI-NWS running.

Yes, I have the latest version of the shapefiles, from the NWS.

> 2)    You must have the current versions of the shapefiles.  The county
> outlines don't change very often, but the NWS warning zones change
> frequently ( one or two times a year ).  If you have an outdated version
> of the shapefiles the wrong places (or none at all) will light up in
> Links for downloading and info for using the shapefiles are here on my
> website:
>      <http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/get_nws_shapefiles.htm>

In fact, that was the page I used (yours) to find and download the shapefiles.

I went back and made sure that my zones and counties were checked off
in the UI NWS configuration screen, so that's all correct.

Since we are having an ice storm now, and there are lots of NWS
messages out there, I went through and looked at all of them in UIVIEW
(not UI NWS). There is one listed from "CTPWSW" (State College NWS),
but, however it does *not* show up on the list in UI NWS!!  So, the
messages are making it to my Packet station, but UI NWS is not even
pulling them out.

Another interesting observation: "CTPWSW" only showed up one time on
the "raw" message list (in UIVIEW). I see lots and lots of messages
from "PBZWSW", "PHINPW" and "LWXWSW" (the NWS offices around us), but
only one from State College.

I appreciate the help, and I am going to continue to research this to
see what the solution is.


Darrell 3rd

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