[aprssig] Non-Responsive Mouse Periods When Running XASTIR

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Sat Dec 15 14:20:27 EST 2007

At 12:10 12/15/2007, Jason Rausch wrote:
>I recently install DSL (Damn Small Linux) and I am
>fairly new to running Linux past installing and
>playing around with some basic functions.  But, for
>the last few weeks I have been running the lastest
>XASTIR distro under DSL and I have noticed that my
>mouse pointer will reguarly "freeze" up and then after
>a few seconds become movable again.  It will do this
>three to four times in a row and then not do it for
>several minutes.  Has anyone else experienced this?
>Jason KE4NYV

At 11:47 12/15/2007, rod hart wrote:
>I have xastir running under XP with cygwin. It really is a very nice 
>system. Since i have map point and precision mapping v8, I would 
>like to know if I can use them. Any conversion information really 
>would be appreciated.
>Rod Hart

         I bet you could get better info on the Xastir list, although 
they expect you to know Linux pretty well to begin with.

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