[aprssig] MURS, APRS and APRS-IS

Adam Ploessl adamj812 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 13:45:13 EST 2007

I've been expermenting with APRS on MURS since the channels here are almost
100% dead.   Only traffic I've ever heard on them while scanning both base
and mobile in the area was a group of trucks coming through.

Now before I go much further, the digital mode is legal on APRS correct?

The reason for setting it up is so unlicensed individuals could use APRS for
communicating and being tracked.  Later on the plan was to try and implement
it for the statewide bike ride to track emergency crews and support vehicles
who will probably not have licensed operators on board.  I'll have to check
if the channels are clear in those areas though.

The idea is to have some volunteer riders carrying APRS transmitters that
leave at various times during the day so they'd be spaced out over the
route.  The support and emergency vehicles travel a different route so if an
emergency occurs and a rider comes across it, they TNC would be switched to
emergency beacon and the nearest support/emergency vehicle could be sent
there.  This is all just a thought, but it so far seems like it might
actually work.

Since the originating transmitters do not have a licensed operator on board,
can the transmissions be uploaded into APRS-IS?  I'm sure its probably not
wanted because the MURS stations would be able to talk to the HAM stations
if it was connected in this manner and of course the mess of duplicated
labels/tactical calls.

The mobile and temporary iGates for the remote areas are set up
with cellular based internet with the MURS feeds connecting to a private
server I have set up right now and the HAM stuff going to APRS-IS.  It
receives both a locally filtered incoming only feed from an APRS-IS server
and connects to the other MURS iGates.  I set it up this way so MURS
couldn't make it on to APRS-IS, but could communicate amongst eachother over
longer distances through the MURS IGates.

This also brings me to another question, do any of you know if the MURS ->
IGate -> Internet -> IGate -> MURS is legal?  Or would be considered a
store/forward repeater?

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