[aprssig] Kenwood RC-D210 Anyone have it ?

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 19:25:27 EST 2007

Hey all, looking to get back involved in APRS. It's been a couple of years
since I have been involved and not only is most of my gear outdated so is my
knowledge. I have been too busy moving a couple of times between Florida and
South Carolina and dealing with the horrible real estate and builder market.

I saw an ad in QST for the RC-D210 and it caught my eye. I have a V7A that
has the dreaded "display disease" that Kenwood would not repair a few years
ago. Most of my gear is old and falling apart the V7 is in good shape other
than not being able to read the display. The ads and the Kenwood web page
are a bit difficult to understand when it comes to this product. My
questions are..

a) Is it available?
b) Does anyone have one and have any reviews?
c) MOST OF ALL- Will the RC-D210 give me full front pannel capabilities or
at least full display for frequency and settings?

Rich K4GPS
York SC

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