[aprssig] KPC-3+ 383 Problem

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Dec 11 05:53:27 EST 2007

Travis KB5ILY wrote...

> I seem to be having a problem with the BText repeater info not
> being transmitted. Below is the info that I set. Did I miss something?
> BText ;145.11-AR*111111z3413.15N/9305.26WrT088 R25m Meet1StThur at EOC

The beacon text and timing looks like it is OK. However... when I look 
at 145.11-AR, it appears to have been created by UI-View and not by a 
KPC-3+. With the object sent by UI-View, it will go out using the three 
hop path in your station setup instead of going direct with no path. The 
rate is set in SETUP - MISC. Perhaps the repeater object was just 
created temporarily by UI-View for a test.

R20m, Meet1StTh at EOC, Degray ARC.

Creating the repeater object with the digi is the right way to go. It 
goes out every 10 minutes with no path. Done in UI-View, you are sending 
it out with the three hop path that you are currently using... 
HOTSPR*,WIDE3-2 which I presume started out as WIDE3-3. Repeater objects 
are meant for local consumption. Sent with a three hop path is just QRM. 
However, the object created by UI-View appears to have stopped over 11 
hours ago. Perhaps you turned it off when the repeater object was added 
to the KC5IWC-10 digi.

Do you really need a three hop path from KB5ILY? The recommended path 
for home stations is WIDE2-2 or less. If you are within earshot of at 
least one high WIDEn-N digi, a one hop could be more than adequate. 
However, only you know exactly what is around you and what is required.

So, going back to the object created by KC5IWC-10... how do you know 
it's not working? It isn't making it (recently and from KC5IWC-10) to an 
IGate. Perhaps there just isn't an IGate within direct earshot of 
KC5IWC-10. Could that be the case? According to the parameters you 
posted, it should be sending it out direct every 10 minutes. I see that 
WA5LUY  is an IGate 15 miles to your North. Would it be able to hear 
KC5IWC-10 direct?

More importantly, listen on 144.390 yourself and see if you can decode 
the repeater object generated by the KC5IWC-10 every 10 minutes.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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