[aprssig] Southern IL Observations

Richard N. Piper IV richard.piper at media4god.org
Mon Dec 10 13:29:46 EST 2007

Some APRS DIGI stations in Southern IL (SIL)  are supporting WIDE3-3

Currently today December 10th 2007 the closest DIGI is 16.7 miles from
my Home QTH.

Some DIGI stations like WB0VTM-7 and KC9AYB-2 seem not to be a DIGI anymore

As far as I can tell some stations in SIL are using paths with WIDE2-2
in them. I know that Bob and others recomend using WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1
when ever possible and that using just WIDE2-1 or WIDE2-2 would be
even better.

Does any have any ideas short of my me moving my D700 out of my car
and into my home? Also short of turning the DIGI on on thech D700,
which I tend to think would FLOOD that network in SIL.

Comments from anyone on the list that happens to own a DIGI in SIL or
anyone that happens to see SIL DIGI's or have been in SIL are welcome
and wanted.

I am trying to get an understanding on how to CORRECTLY set up my
units D7 and D700 for APRS in SIL

Richard N. Piper IV

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