[aprssig] Michigan Digi updates - progress

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Sun Dec 9 13:26:15 EST 2007

I just wanted to pass on that after two weekends of dilligent efforts we
have updated all but five digis in the State of Michigan to the
recommended digi settings (an "S" digi).  We have plans to complete the
rest, but 2 operators have been unresponsive and 2 digis have bad RTEXTs
and need manual connections to be redone, they are planned for next

Thanks to everyone for their help and support in this endevor and we
hope this allows you to throughly enjoy Michigan APRS.

The following digis have not been upgraded, if you read this listserv,
please contact me ASAP!

kb8zgl-11	planned for 12/15
kb8vee-4	planned for 12/15
kc8yxf		Operator not reachable
k8dac		club members emailed, but unresponsive at this time
n8iyx-4		contact made, waiting final changes

If you see any further issues in Michigan please contact me and I will
work hard to get them updated and corrected!  

We have added local repeaters to each of these digis as we did them to
support the local repeater initiative as well.

Mike - kb8zgl

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