[aprssig] A new APRS possibility

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Sun Dec 9 08:36:37 EST 2007

David Fleming wrote:
> How would I extract the data to my hard drive.? Would I just copy the CD 
> to a folder on the hard drive or is it more complicated than that?

Click Start
Select RUN
Click Browse

Navigate to c:\program files\street atlas 9.0
Find the extract0 program, double click that, then press run.

A menu will come up letting you choose ALL states, or only 1 state, or 
you can "check" boxes for more than one state. For any state you do not 
check, you can see roads in that sate but only zoomed far out.

This procedure is also explained in the product's help.

Once you click all the states you wish, click OK (I think, it's an 
obvious button below the state selection).

Next time you run with out a CD you should be impressed how fast it 

> Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>> David Fleming wrote:
>>> I. Does anyone know how to make APRS+SA work with Precision Mapping 
>>> Streets and Traveler 8.0.  This would solve my problem.
>> Absolutely hopeless..    APRSplus is totally bound to the "classic" 
>> Delorme Street Atlas overlay format.  It won't even work with 
>> newer-style Delorme products, let alone non-Delorme products.
>> Are you not extracting the CD data to the hard disk?    The data could 
>> then be made to be on the same virtual drive as the APRSplus program.
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