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Kriss A Kliegle kliegle at verizon.net
Wed Dec 5 15:57:23 EST 2007

   Years ago, I ran a U-2000, KPC-3, and HTX-202 with a 11 watt Unisolar panel. The battery was an old car battery placed in a sealed bucket and buried underground for thermal reasons. This ran for years until I built an 8'x12' shed and 100' tower to house a 100% solar and wind powered voice repeater. Now the system feeds off the large battery bank for the repeater system. I used four Golf Cart batteries in a series/parallel combination to get 450 A/hrs at 14 Vdc. 
Check out data on findu for KA1GJU-3 in Kensington, NH.
   The largest consumer of power is the radio, mobile rigs draw .5 amp just on RX. Since I upgraded the system, we now run 50 watts from an IC-2000 with the pilot lights disconnected. The KPC-3 sometimes locks up in cold WX, other than that its trouble free.

73 de Kriss
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