[aprssig] findU radar

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Jan 31 19:20:06 EST 2006

On Jan 31, 2006, at 7:05 PM, AE5PL Lists wrote:

> A warning:
> The Central Region website is likely to follow suite after the  
> Southern
> Region.  The www.nws.noaa.gov and radar.weather.gov web sites remain
> relatively static as those sites are where the NWS services the  
> general
> public.  The regional web sites are maintained at the discretion of  
> the
> regional offices and tend to vary more regarding content and  
> locations.
> I would venture to say the national sites will be the last to convert.

Yea, I just read this:


which seems to say that the all the old style links (including  
radar.weather.gov) will be redirected in the very short term...

Steve K4HG

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