[aprssig] legalities of laptop/gps in the front seat.

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Mon Jan 30 13:57:36 EST 2006

There's no law about having a laptop in the car...

When you see the lights (in your rear-view mirror)...
close the lid !


Bill  KA8VIT

Jim Lux wrote:

> I would think that being federally licensed has no real impact on 
> this.  Either the local jurisdiction considers it a safety hazard, or 
> they don't.  Where there are "licensed operator" kinds of exemptions, 
> I think they are for things like scanners and what not, where the 
> rationale isn't safety, but "interference with officals".
> Fundamentally, if what you're doing is considered by the officer to be 
> unsafe, you're going to get the ticket.  If not, then you won't.  
> Then, you'll get a chance to convice the traffic court judge/referee.  
> The "no tv in the front seat" kinds of laws just make it easier for 
> the officer to "sell the ticket" to the driver.
> Jim, W6RMK 


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