[aprssig] BUSTED TM-D700 - 2nd time

Andy Gonzales KG6RWO at comcast.net
Thu Jan 26 23:40:19 EST 2006

FIXED IT.  Thanks , ugly but serviceable, so far

Now I need to think about why it happened. The first time, KW said they replaced the TNC board but didn't mention any zero-ohm resistors. Of course, when my laptop power connector failed mechanically, HP said they replaced the keyboard.

The second time, I fixed the open resistor.  About 3 weeks ago, while operating both the radio and a laptop off the car power system, the radio screen began to fade every time a Tx was made.  This, after working fine many times before.  This may relate to the parallel thread "APRS in a car"

Thanks again and 7 3
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  Remove all of the screws on both the top and bottom covers and remove both covers.  Disconnect the speaker wires from the main board when removing the top cover.  Remove the plastic front bezel by carefully prying up each of the four plastic tabs that hold it in place and slide the bezel forward.  That will give you access to the circuit board at the data jack.

  Andy Gonzales <KG6RWO at comcast.net> wrote:

    I am completely inexperienced in working with surface mount boards, which I presume this is.  Plus I am not sure how to access the board.  Any tips ?

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