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Odd, but I haven't seen the term APRS used in any post here yet
(unless I missed it).

Seems like this would be better asked on an aircraft list, don't you think?

On 1/24/06, Herb Gerhardt <hgerhardt at wavecable.com> wrote:
> Well, here are my two cents worth on this topic.
> From a ground station, you can not use any of the aircraft frequencies
> unless you have a valid license to operate on that frequency AND a Type
> Accepted Radio for that frequency.  The no license requirement is only
> applicable to aircraft flying in the US and not ground support stations.
> I just went through the process of obtaining a valid Aviation License for
> our local DEM Office for use during SAR activities when we communicate with
> aircraft during searches.  Well, let me tell you, that process was a
> nightmare!  Our previous license expired about 6 years ago and the FCC had
> no records of that license.  Doing a license application Online which is
> what the FCC wants, was impossible since you don't have all the regulations
> at your fingertips so you can't pick the correct codes.  All the web site
> tells you is you made and error and where the error was made but does not
> give you any hints as to what you needed to enter instead.  It was as
> ridiculous as where it asked for which county you were going to operate in
> and I entered Mason County.  Well that bounced, it turned out I could only
> enter Mason and not Mason County.
> I spent several months trying to get this license including sending several
> emails and making several phone calls to the FCC.  I finally called and told
> the person who was helping me that they could not hang up until the FCC site
> accepted our application.  I spent close to an hour on the phone with her
> and told her to tie into my computer so she could see my screen.  It was an
> enlightening experience for both of us but we finally succeeded and we got
> our license.
> Now as far as the frequencies we got licensed for goes, they are 122.90 and
> 123.10 MHz.  I tried to get us licensed for several other frequencies but
> that was not permitted.  Yes we have a type accepted aircraft radio in our
> ComVan with those frequencies programmed into it.  Now during an actual
> search, I have found that the supporting aircrafts usually have many other
> non-aviation commercial frequencies that your county is authorized to use
> available for communications, so keep that in mind and ask them which
> frequency they want you to utilize.
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> The FCC eliminated the aircraft radio license requirement for US-based
> aircraft flying domestically some years ago, so very few owners have them.
> I do have a license for my Cessna Cardinal since it technically is required
> to fly to Canada.
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> Use of aviation radio frequencies requires an FCC license.  If you don't
> have a license you can probably operate under the control of a licensed
> aviation service organization.  Usually one that operates at the airport the
> plane is kept at.  You would want to ask the plane's pilot what frequency to
> use.  I know that 123.450 MHz is commonly used for informal chit-chat among
> pilots.
> On 1/23/06, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu > wrote:
> Hummh... We all have these radios that tune the
> 118-137 MHz AM aircraft band...  But what channels
> are available to communicate plane to plane or
> plane to ground?
> Our aerospace department has a plane they fly
> occasionally for flight studies.  What channel
> can I talk to them on to coordinate some GPS
> experiements for example?  (That isnt too
> crowded)
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