[aprssig] APRS (Fire) In A Car

Rahn whiskey7doa at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 11:16:12 EST 2006

What I do is have a very large wire (4 ga.) running from the battery to 
where my radio equipment is located. In my case, underneath the rear 
seat of my pickup. At that point I have a fuse box, or power 
distrobution block, that has each item fused with their own fuse and 
each item has their own lead. The power distrobution block is then 
grounded to the car chasis with another 4 ga. wire. So each piece of 
equipement has a substantial power supply with a substantial ground. 
Works out quite well, really.

Find the local radio shop that installs radios for your local 
police/fire/ems and they will have or can get a power distrobution block 
complete with fuse holders for you. I happen to know the guy here 
locally so he gave me one but you should be able to get one there for 
about $10. Plus what ever it costs for heavy gauge wire.

Stan - N0YXV wrote:

>OK I get the small wire point but, what's the best solution? Two separate
>>Lesson is that fuses only protect if the WIRE is
>>big enough to blow them.  This is often overlooked
>>when hanging small 100 mA devices off of the
>>radio power cord.
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