[aprssig] Anyone running APRS on a LCD in a car ?

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Jan 24 09:40:41 EST 2006

How are you charging the battery?  If just a split charge from the car,
it'll never fill right up.

Check out the marrine industry, they've generaly got it sorted, but you
can have up to 16V on the battery during part of the charge cycle.

And as in another post.  Check all your grounds are good.  Immagine what
can happen if the battery ground strap (or another) fail at some point.

Dave G0WBX

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> From: Tim Cwik [mailto:tcwik at stnhbr.com] 
> My calculations suggest I should be able to run for about 36 
> hours but I get nowhere near that. I currently suspect I may 
> have a bad batery.
> TIm

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