[aprssig] Radio Shack (NOT)

Bill Bird billbird at cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Jan 22 00:24:23 EST 2006

My local Radio Shack is pretty good on parts - could probably even order a tube 
for my Allied Star Roamer.  But I'm trying to purchase a Mitsubishi RF Power 
Transistor 2SC5125 for my Yaesu FT-1500M 2m mobile unit.  This should get the 
rig up and beyond the 300mw level it puts out now on 144.39MHz.  Yaesu wants $73 
for it.  I thought it would be an easy matter to find it for less.  Even with 
the www.findchips.com site mentioned by Scott Miller I've found no suppliers. 
Google didn't help either.  This transistor is also used in current ICOM 
HF/VHF/UHF rigs so I'll check with them.

Does anyone know of a source for the 2SC5125 that would be less than $73?  Thanks.


Bill Bird
Chesterfield, MO

Scott Miller wrote:
 >Very true.  Also check http://www.findchips.com if you know the
 >manufacturer's part number.  It'll run inventory searches on several
 >different sites simultaneously.

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