[aprssig] Re: BUSTED TM-D700 - 2nd time

Andy Gonzales KG6RWO at comcast.net
Sat Jan 21 20:59:20 EST 2006

I haven't cycled the plug more than a couple of times. I have attempted to
strain relieve the plug which simply hangs off the back.  I will certainly
try the paperlip fix.
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> Hi all,
> Andy G. wrote:
> >The problem manifests as an inability for the GPS signal to get to the
> >Troubleshooting confirms that it is not the GPS or the cabling.
>       Are you sure that it's not a problem with the contacts in the GPS
plug in
> the D700?  Sometimes  they get a little bent  from plugging and unplugging
> jack from the GPS cable.  I've had this problem with both the D700 and D7.
> fix is to bend the end of a paper clip to make a little barb, then stick
it in
> the hole and bend back (gently!) the contacts.  Unfortunately, these plugs
> enclosed in their own little plastic enclosure, so opening up the radio to
> the bent contacts isn't a viable option.
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