[aprssig] SSID Usage

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Sat Jan 21 15:28:45 EST 2006

Herb and the group,

To each his own I guess, but as I took Bob Bruninga's advice after the 
subject came up when the D7s and D-700s first hit the market, and that 
was THD-7s were -7 and the TMD-700s were -1  This, remembering his 
logic, was to tell everyone that "I am using a message capable radio!"

Quite a while after that, it is up for grabs, and I resort to the device 
indication of the TO identifier to recognize a "Dumb" tracker if I 
wanted to send a message to the mobile...

FWIW,  Robbie

Herb Gerhardt wrote:
> I too use -8 for my D700 and that is because I also use -7 for my TH-D7.
> I think it is worthwhile to use a specific SSID to signify that the tracker
> is capable of messaging.  Using -9 does not indicate that feature.
> I realize there is no real set in concrete rule on SSID's, they are just
> conventions to make it easier for the users to know what the user might be
> and what capabilities they might have.  Then again, there are people like me
> that have lots of trackers, both on foot and mobiles, so it is difficult to
> follow any real convention when designating which SSID to use for which
> tracker.  It is just a suggested convention and not a stead-fast rule.
> I don't presently use -9 since that tracker was stolen a few years ago and I
> am still waiting for it to pop up on my screen.  Hi, hi.....

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