[aprssig] RE: Radio Shack (NOT)

Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ fred at wb4aej.com
Fri Jan 20 16:51:39 EST 2006

>If they continued to sell electronic components and parts exclusively, they
>would have gone out of business by now.  I can understand them moving into
>consumer electronics and cell phones because the market and profits for
those items is
>much larger.  That is what has allowed them to survive.

    Yes.  No one is interested in learning electronics and experimenting any
more.  We are in an instant gratification environment.

>If there was money to be made in selling electronic components in a "local"
brick and
>mortar store, then there would be more stores like that around.  One such
"mom and
>pop" electronic component store opened in this area about a year ago.  They
>everything you guys would ever want: transistors, diodes, resistors - all
the staples an
>electronic tinkerer's would ever need for a project.  They had RF
connectors, coax, etc.
>They even had the basic learning electronic kits like what you see from
Ramsey.  They
>went out of business and closed up shop within 6 months.

    Reaffirms my former position.

>The number of tinkerers and electronic do-it-yourself'ers has greatly
declined over the
>years.  We might need this stuff, but there aren't enough of "us" in any
given area to
>support a local store.  If there are hardly any people to sell to, then why
bother selling?
>The "biggies" like Mouser, Digikey, and Jameco can survive because out of
>warehouse they sell to a worldwide market.

    As I said, they don't want to learn any more.

    A. J., you've completely hit the nail on the head.



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