[aprssig] Radio Shack (NOT)

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Thu Jan 19 15:22:26 EST 2006

It's funny that when you only pay $6 an hour for employees you somehow only
get $6 an hour (or less) out of them. If Radio Shack really wanted long term
educated employees they would have to pay for them and that's out of the

In their defense I would have to say that when a Radio Shack employee says
"We don't sell that anymore" sometimes what they mean is, "I don't get
enough commission from small parts to pay attention to you or even if we
really have those things or not". Although they don't have as many parts as
they used to the "We don't have it" line can be just a brush off. How many
times have you gone into a Radio Shack only to find a bunch of totally new

When I worked at a Radio Shack [years ago :-)] I took the time to deal with
the small parts knowing that if I made a friend out of you, you might come
back and find me to buy the big things from. Didn't always work because most
people don't realize that Radio Shack employees live (or don't) off of

Until Radio Shack pays better they will always get what they pay for and so
will you. Now I'm must stop because I'm really digressing from APRS.

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