[aprssig] Garmin emulation

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 04:28:42 EST 2006


GPS-Gate will do that too.  Select a virtual port as the input, and
another virtual port as the output.  Then you can talk to yourself!
Just checked that, it works fine here.

There was mention of another utility that was a pure and simple virtual
null modem written by another ham I think, it was come months back

There are now hundreds of these utilities about for download, but take
care to get one that if a "Free trial" doesn't compromise anything in
the mean time.  One I looked at (website no longer reachable!) had
spyware embedded in it!  Nasty nasty people!..

I've also been playing around with something from "FabulaTech"  See...

It can do the null modem trick on the local machine, and also make ports
on a remote PC, look for all intents and purposes as ports on you local
machine.  It's shareware, and other than the nag screen, and limit of
two ports it seems fully functional.  The install is good and easy too,
but you do need to look at the help at first, as the way you use it is
not 100% intuitive, but it is very good.  If you register it, you can
have up to 254 serial "Ports" available on one PC, if you can find that
many to play with of course.

Oh yes, it can also be set to reconfigure and activate itself at boot
time.  Even more useful!

And of course, there is BillSerialMonitor, cant do the null modem trick,
but does intercept all in and out traffic, shows it and log's it.  Also
free, and very very useful!  http://www.symcod.com/billsm/index.html

Cheers Scott.

Dave G0WBX

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> From: Scott Miller [mailto:scott at opentrac.org] 
> Subject: RE: [aprssig] Garmin emulation
> > NMEA data.  Maybe later versions will generate the Garmin native 
> > protocol?  If not, a smart terminal program and the Garmin 
> manual (you 
> > may have to poke about Garmin's website for the appropriate 
> one that 
> > details their native protocol, but it is documented) should do the 
> > job...
> I've already got that part working.  My program emulates a 
> Garmin GPS for testing purposes, and will send and receive 
> position/velocity/time data, decode waypoints, and so forth.  
> I just need the virtual serial port program to avoid tying up 
> two serial ports and a null modem cable.  If it works out, 
> it'll open up a lot more options for APRS mapping software, 
> even if it's not totally automated.
> Scott
> N1VG

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