[aprssig] Re: aprssig Digest, Vol 19, Issue 22

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Tue Jan 17 13:33:10 EST 2006

 <<The big problem with a tablet PC (at least the HP TC1100 I have, but I
suspect that this is a generic issue) is the lack of a serial
 That's got nothing to do with the "tablet" form factor. Look at any PC, desktop
or laptop, made in the past two years and I doubt you'll find a serial port on
anything except one high end "desktop replacement" model from each of the top
few makers. The serial port's death was announced about five years ago and it is
pretty much a done deal. Those of us who want to keep our serial devices are
best off buying a PCMCIA serial port adapter, which provides real hardware
serial ports. The alternative is to buy the Keyspan or IBM USB/Serial emulators
(only those two brands are certified with MS) and those two brands seem to work
pretty well.

<<Sure, you can get a USB<>serial widget, but now you've added another piece
of gear to carry.>>
 Then, you need to find a five year old tablet, made while the serial port was
still an industry spec.<G>

Bottom line, new computers don't support old legacy gear. Never have, never
will. There are just too many options.

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