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> An excellent statement of the facts.  !

Thanks Bob, and now we have someone in the heart of the DFW area
(extremely high activity area) gating _all_ packets from WLNK-1 to RF
with a flood path of at least two hops.  How do I know they are _all_
packets?  Because we were "blessed" with the messages to AA3JY and KM5VY
stations.  Maybe this was a log replay (reminder to all to never replay
logs while connected to the TNC or to APRS-IS), I don't know.  I do know
that people should not configure their IGate to gate _all_ packets from
WLNK-1 to RF.  Let the IGate software do what it is supposed to and
determine if the receiving station has been recently heard on RF.
Nothing special needs to be done to the IGate software to have those
message packets _properly_ gated to RF.

Thanks to everyone for their consideration and cooperation.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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