[aprssig] APRSLink

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 13 13:24:03 EST 2006

>>> HamLists at ametx.com 01/13/06 11:01 AM >>>
>It also doesn't mean, as you imply, that it will work a
> largepercentage of the time.... over 50% of
> all the RF clients are either Kenwood radios in APRS mode 
>or UI-View.  Neither of these will ever be "smart 
>messaging clients" nor will UI-View be a "smart IGate" 

The mobile does not need to be.  And yes, if UIview is
going to be continued to be used as an IGate, then
someone needs to be working on an add-on.  I'd like
to see IGates become their own code so that we
can make them all smarter and consistent and better.

>the mobile or portable user....  paths to/from an
>IGate will vary greatly and the mobile can vary 
>greatly over a short period of time.  

Very true.  But, for this small amount of WinLINK APRS 
emergency system  is a query response system.  
It never sends any messages to the mobile unless and 
only-if polled by the mobile.  Thus whatever algorithm 
divines the best path to the mobile at the time it sent 
the query, then the response will be coming back within 
a few seconds.

But you make a good point, that we must make sure
that mobiles do not expect to have this working in
uneven terrain at 70 MPH over a protracted session.
The APRS<=>Winlink emergency system was not
desigened for a mobile in motion.  It was designed
for the example of someone parked in Louisana
with no other means of getting out, to use his
Kenwood to send and receive a WinLINK message.
If we make sure the users remain focused on that 
concept (which you stated very well), then I think
this wont be much of a problem.

The guy who puts a message
in a bottle has some expectation that someone will
get it, but he has little expectation that he will get
a reply by bottle...  As you say, we need to make 
sure users of APRS understand and learn to work 
within the limitations..

Actually it appears we are saying the exact same
thing by your conclusing paragraph.  And it is well said.

>We can talk about ifs and wishes all day long and it still doesn't
>change what I said in my first post.  Before people go running out to
>their radios to try APRSLink, they should understand what the
>ramifications are in _today's_ world in their APRS LAN and what the
>intent was of the authors.  'nuff said.

An excellent statement of the facts.  !


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