[aprssig] APRSLink and NEW-N

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 13 13:38:50 EST 2006

>>> n0yxv at gihams.org 01/13/06 1:08 PM >>>
>> We must be vigilant and encourage all of those hundreds
>> of old WIDEn-N digis to change their settings to New-N.
> can somebody could give me a short howto on the
>current correct way to handle flood/trace packets? 

google for "fix14439"

>I wish we had given revision numbers to how and when 
>things got changed.

Since APRS was invented in 1992 there have been 3 changes:
1) about 1995 Paccomm added callsign substitution digis
2) 1998 Kantronics added WIDEn-N

BUT nonthing was ever done to encourage, enforce or
fix the fact that all of these were bing used plus all
the legacy going back to 1992 of RELAY and WIDE.

3) In 2004, the network was so bad due to improper
path selection and failure of users to use efficient
paths that we came up with the New-N paradigm.
That discussion begain in Nov 2004 and was well
focused by Feb 2005.  Since about April 2005 it
was a solid plan and we need everyone to get on board.

> I've seen a lot of people that simply added WIDEn-N 
>to their existing settings and thought they were on 
>the New Paradigm.

Thats the problem.  New-N is a total re-look at APRS
paths using the 1000 diigpeaters that are currently
in place and coming up with the best settings to
make them all work as best we can.  There are lots
of settings.  Yes, the most important is supporting
WIDEn-N, but then there are many more things
involved to make it work better.  


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