[aprssig] APRSLink and NEW-N

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Fri Jan 13 13:08:25 EST 2006

> Well said! ANd so very true.  Now that the New-N is
> the goal and we are making progress, (almost everyghing
> now supports n-N paths)... BUT still more than HALF of
> all digis that were WIDEn-N in the first place have never
> switched over to TRACEABLE WIDEn-N instead of
> untraceable WIDEn-N.
> We must be vigilant and encourage all of those hundreds
> of old WIDEn-N digis to change their settings to New-N.
> Most people thouht that New-N was just getting rid of
> all the dupes caused by RELAY and WIDE, but that was
> only the most obvious part.  The equally important part
> is to get full WIDEn-N tracing and that will only work
> if we get 100% of all digis including all the old WIDEn-N's
> to switch over to UITRACE...
> As users we simply look at all packets that arrive to make
> sure there is a trace on the number of digis used.  If it
> arrives as 2-1, or 3-2 there should be one digi in the
> path  and it should.
> If it arrives as WIDE2 or WIDE3-1, then there shouild
> be two digis and they should be in order etc...
> Bob
As per the comment above can somebody could give me a short howto on the
current correct way to handle flood/trace packets? Or maybe somebody has a
good URL. I'm noticing that almost all of the packets in our area don't have
any trace in them. They simple say how many times a packet as been digi'd
and where it started. I was under the impression that trace was NOT an
acceptable thing to do because it makes the packet longer with every digi it
goes through.

Soap box on:
I wish we had given revision numbers to how and when things got changed. It
would make it so simple if your talking to another Ham to say, "Hay Jack are
you using 1.005 or 1.007 for settings?" I'm finding that with all the talk
about n-N and the New Paradigm people seem to get lost. I've seen a lot of
people that simply added WIDEn-N to their existing settings and thought they
were on the New Paradigm.
Soap box off: [Please don't shoot me]

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