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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Screen Scraping of findU
> The prefix filter works fine for most cases, but it does have 
> some issues for common call prefixes with none SSID qualified 
> stations.
> If you have KD5WX and KD5WXF stations both active, and not 
> using an SSID, then you can't use the prefix filter to get 
> just KD5WX.  You'll also see KD5WXF.  The main point of this 

No, but you can use the budlist filter.  For instance, b/KD5WX/KD5WX-*
will do exactly what you are looking for.

> If I get some requests for a longer term display/history, I 
> will get in touch with you to see about using your database 
> server's tables for historical reference.

I was stating that _you_ could run your own database server using
javAPRSDB; I was not offering access to the jFindu database server.


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