[aprssig] Whazzuuuuuuuuup!

Richard L. Beggs Richard at Beggs.com
Sun Jan 8 12:39:02 EST 2006

Greetings to the group

I have checked and double-checked my I gate and found it is not a Uiview
What does happen is if I have a print job or other port intensive project
going on in the machine
this is running on the processor takes the highest priority job and
completes it and delays the Uiview data.
I was able to almost eliminate this problem by going to a dual processor
system but at present
I have one processor down so the problem is back for a short period of time.
I hope this helps.

Richard  K0AEM  145.430
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First, any dupe checking longer than the default of 30 seconds on
APRS-IS would potentially interfere with messaging and other fixed
packet operations.

Second, it appears that there is something very strange in DG0ES's
setup.  He is running UI-View and the packets being repeated are
actually from APRS-IS (note the two occurrences of the qAo construct).
The first qAo is converted to all upper case which tells me that this
may be a log file replay?  Or his UI-View is connected to a full stream
and is looping the packets back to APRS-IS after significant processing
delays?  I am sure my list is not all-inclusive.

So, try sending an email to DG0ES and let him know what is happening as
this is definitely a problem with his station.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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> as being gated by his own VE7CUU, some beacons were being
> "re-gated" by DG0ES. This station is located in Germany with
> a TCPIP connection. Why on earth would a station in Germany
> be "re-gating" a station that is in Squamish?????

> away, but does the APRS-IS need to be adjusted to reject
> dupes from even earlier than it currently does?
> I sent an APRS message to DG0ES, but didn't receive an ack. I
> checked after sending the message and DG0ES hadn't been heard
> in the previous two hours.

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