[aprssig] RE: The best resolution of

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Sun Jan 8 00:50:15 EST 2006

> What about of us that are using Lindows.
> There are so many versions of Linux that any Linux does not seem to be a
> good program to mess with.
> I have tried some of them, but there is not enough instructions to teach
> a newbee how to use it.

I only suggested MEPIS or Debian because they both included easy ways to
install Xastir. Debian was started by a Ham Radio Operator...or so I've been
told. I'm not a Distro expert so there could be easy ways to install on
other flavors as well. You can install Xastir on any flavor of Linux or
Lindows you want to it just might not be as easy as typing a single line of
text at a command prompt. Don't forget that just because it has a Linux
Kernel and is called Linux the file structure between any two flavors can be
completely different.

As far as instructions to teach a newbee I'd have to agree. I've had to
search through several web sites and a couple of books to get where I am
today. If you really want to learn I'd suggest getting good at Googling for
answers and/or have a friend that can help out. I think if your hoping to
find all your answers in one spot on the web or in a book you'll be
disappointed. If you want to learn be prepared to do some work. Again I
think in the end you'll find the power of Linux (and the cost) is well worth
any effort you have to put into learning it.

The more I learn about Linux the more I feel like a Newbee myself all over
again. As somebody once said "The more I learn the more I know what I don't

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