[aprssig] Ambiguity due to GPS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Jan 7 14:58:09 EST 2006

> I seem to recall Scott insisting that all other developers 
> should change
> their code to accommodate his proposed protocol, so I 
> certainly see nothing
> wrong with asking him to change his code to minimize the 
> potential for some
> of his users to trash local networks.

I'd like to see that quote, Bill.  The only thing I ever asked for was
compliance with the AX.25 specification - it was only an issue with people
who chose to set their TNCs to ignore the PID.  I don't want to restart that
discussion, but if you're going to be putting words in my mouth, you'd
better be prepared to back it up.  Everything on this list is archived -
show me a quote.


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