[aprssig] Ambiguity due to GPS

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Sat Jan 7 14:56:48 EST 2006

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006, Bill Diaz wrote:

> I am talking about excessive packets generated by OpenTrac units on 144.39
> in a heavily congested area.

I don't understand why user education of that particular user isn't
the proper method.

Also, why aren't you sending messages like this to every developer
of any type of software/hardware/firmware that generates APRS
packets, instead of asking only Scott to implement it?

Seems to me that Scott has already answered this one earlier in the
thread, and that someone in that local area should have a friendly
conversation with the person, helping to guide them towards that
elusive APRS-geek status we all hope to attain.  That's what is done
around here, we have a very active APRS network here, and it runs
quite well for the most part, even with a few of those "horrible"
OpenTrackers in the area.  hi hi  (Note, I run one too)

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