[aprssig] Kenwood TM-451a

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Jan 5 15:15:48 EST 2006

wolthui3 at msu.edu wrote:
> Has anyone used a Kenwood TM-451a with 9600bps packet and used it
> successfully?  I have mine hooked up to a KPC-9612 and with my th-d7a about
> 3 feet from the radio it will decode about every 1 out of 5 packets I send.
> However, I have it listening to PCSAT2 and it decodes nothing.  Also, if I
> move out of the house and away from the radio it does not appear to decode
> anything.
> I have tried adjusting the KPC9612 PODs and to no delight.  The RCV light
> comes on every time, but the packets do not get decoded.
> I did turn PASSALL ON as Bob recommended.  Any other ideas?  Could it be the
> TM-451a is just not capable of 9600bps packet?
> Mike
> Kb8zgl
Did you hack the radio to take data, dc-coupled and non-deemphasized, 
directly off the RX discriminator?     You can't simply connect a 
9600bps TNC to the speaker or headphone jack the way you do at 1200.  As 
far as I  know, the '451 doesn't have the 6-pin MiniDIN "data" or 
"packet"  connector that provides easy external access directly to the 

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