[aprssig] Alinco APRS Radios

Richard Amirault ramirault at erols.com
Thu Jan 5 13:54:37 EST 2006

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From: "Curt, WE7U"
Subject: [aprssig] Alinco APRS Radios

> On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Because we want all existing 5000 users of the only
>> APRS manufactured radio to still see APRS on their
>> radio.
> Perhaps we're forgetting the Alinco's?
>    DR-135TP    2-meter w/APRS
>    DR-620T     dual-bander w/APRS
>    DR-635T     dual-bander w/APRS
> They're on the APRS client capabilities chart.

But they don't *display* APRS data (and that's what Bob was talking about .. 
radios that you can "see" APRS data on).

Hmmm...let me see the Alinco DR-635T is listed (at Universal Radio) for $350 
PLUS another $120 for the TNC = $470

The same company sells the Kenwood D-700a for $520

So the Kenwood is only $50 more than the Alinco .. AND gives you a screen 
that let's you SEE, and DO stuff. To me, at least, well worth the extra $50.

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