[aprssig] Re: FINAL note on the 1 foot precision debate

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 5 09:03:40 EST 2006

When surrounded and everyone is shooting, there
are some missplaced shots.  First let me say that
I appreciate XASTIR as one of the leading currently
in-development APRS applications.  They did the
right thing by making the use of compressed/item/
obects that are incompatible with other systems as
a non-default. 

That is the right thing to do for a depricated format
that is not receommended for future use.  That
is what depricated means in a spec.  It means it
has recognized problems and should not be used
in future designs because of known incompatibilities
with existing systems.

In its place is the proposed option for future designs 
by adding the bytes !DAO! to the existing OBJECT
format that is 100% backwards compatible to all
systems and does not have any of the problems
of the depricated version.

I would encourage authors to consider  it or an
agreed alternative or any of the other 3 formats
currently in the spec to transmit objects with that

de Wb4APR, Bob

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