[aprssig] Re: FINAL note on the 1 foot precision debate

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 5 07:43:21 EST 2006

>>> rmccoylist at blueantservices.com 01/04/06 9:37 PM >>>
>I don't know the entire history of the APRS Spec...
> but one thing is clear. You are hurting your own 
>cause with your attitude and seeming unwillingness 
>to deal in an open manner. 

You are being leadastray by all the QRM on this SIG.
The problem of one foot resolution came up a few years
ago.  We discussed it then.  It was a problem.  THe
proposal for the !DAO! format was offered here on the
SIG for free and open discussion.  To date, no one has
presented an alternative.   There is nothing solid about 
the !DAO! format.  It is only a proposal.  If anyone can
think of another solution, then it too will be considered.

I lilke the !DAO! overlay on existing objects solution, 
1) it is 100% comaptible with everything out there, 
2) it does not break or obsolete anyone, 
3) it adds the DATUM which is actually needed for that kind of precision
4) it is short and concise
5) it can even be made human readable down to 6' resolution.

It was debated thoroughly and  openly and publically on the
sig and to date a better solution has not been forthcoming.

>No one seems to know where to find the canonical
>version of the Spec \

Try GOOGLE for APRS1.1

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