[aprssig] WARNING If you are using Streets&Trips 2006 orAutoroute2006 READ THIS

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Jan 5 05:01:53 EST 2006

What makes me laugh, as anyone else who has used public WiFi hotspots
will tell you...

The phrase about as soon as your GPS and WiFi equipped laptop passes
within range of a new hotspot, it's location and details will be passed
back to MS via your existing internet connection.

What "Existing" internet connection?  The vast majority of public WiFi
hotspots need human intervention to get the damn laptop to connect to
them in the first place!  And they are the open unencrypted ones, if
they have any sort of protection, you're stopped dead in your tracks,
well most peep's are...  <<G>>

Anyone who uses such an equiped laptop for busines, will probably have
the WiFi disabled anyway, unless they are connecting to a known hotspot
in a hotel or airport etc, to prevent any automatic connections, also
they will have a decent firewall running with full program access
filtering, not XP's offering.  There are too many deviant people out
there who for whatever reason, want to access your PC's back passage.

If you want some fun, and have a WiFi equiped laptop, and GPS, go look
for and download a copy of NetStumbler.  Then go and drive arround your
neighborhood, and be amazed....  Oh yes, take care..

If you want some further insight into the potential problems of using
"open" hotspots, go listen to the "Security Now" podcasts from Leo La
Porte's TWiT program.  You can get to them on grc.com, where you will
also learn about the latest greatest (and oldest?) Windows

Oh the joy of IT......

Dave.  G0WBX.

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