[aprssig] Re: The best resolution of position from APRS

Tyler Allison tyler at allisonhouse.com
Wed Jan 4 19:55:10 EST 2006

> Tyler, this makes no sense.  The Kenwoods are not holding anything back.
I would probably agree that in this case you are right.

I am not focusing on the current argument about implementation of position.

I am focusing on the consistent and non-relenting argument that ONLY (or
very few) solutions are right simply because the Kenwood can or can not do

Please stop arguing what's best for Kenwood users. As you well know it's
APRS...not Kenwood Position Reporting System.

Every argument on this list ends up with you saying Kenwood can't do
something and another group saying not again! We HAVE to get past the
Kenwood sooner or later.

> You name any feature you want and I can work up a way to do it in the
> existing spec without having to break eveyrone else.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.


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