[aprssig] Re: The best resolution of position from APRS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jan 4 19:23:22 EST 2006

> So why don't you stop bashing Kenwood, and ICOM and do something about
> it?  Have you applied for a position with either of these 
> companies, or

I like my current day job, and I doubt they'd pay me as well!

> set our to define any requirements and work to have a technical
> discussion with any radio manufacture.  You seem like you 
> know your way

YES!!!  When I started working on the OpenTRAC spec, I tried repeatedly to
contact the big 3, and never got ANY response to ANY correspondence, not
even an automated reply!  I very much want input from the manufacturers, and
would willingly work with them to improve things, whether that means
OpenTRAC, expanded ARPS support, or something entirely new.

> around software and electronics.  It would be nice to have a group
> composed of the manufactures, ARRL, SAR groups, and other 
> organizations
> to help define the amateur radio of the future.  Maybe then our radios
> could have have the capabilities that you seek and the other 
> ideas that
> have not even been expressed ot thought about yet.

Sign me up if you think you can get such a group together.  TAPR apparently
doesn't have such aspirations anymore.  If anyone knows how to get through
to the decision makers at any of the radio companies, that might be a start.

I'd fly to Japan at my own expense to sit down and talk to these people if
they'd actually listen.


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