[aprssig] Re: The best resolution of position from APRS

Chuck Gooden cgooden at insightbb.com
Wed Jan 4 19:12:26 EST 2006

scott at opentrac.org 01/04/06 11:16 AM >>>

>And if you introduced the ability for the radio to self-program upon
>entering a new area, and to learn about IRLP nodes automatically, and if it
>would show you autopatch status, net control/RACES/ARES status, and so forth
>for a repeater, THEN how many people do you think would get the upgrade?  Or
>buy an entirely new radio?  I KNOW a lot of ARES/RACES groups would love a
>radio that could learn about portable/temporary repeaters automatically.  No
>need for everyone to carry programming cheat sheets!
>But Kenwood either doesn't care to innovate, or is so caught up in the 'not
>invented here' attitude that they'll never take any outside input.  I
>certainly got that impression about Icom, but at least they're still putting
>out new radios.  As unimpressed with DSTAR as I am, at least Icom's taking

So why don't you stop bashing Kenwood, and ICOM and do something about
it?  Have you applied for a position with either of these companies, or
set our to define any requirements and work to have a technical
discussion with any radio manufacture.  You seem like you know your way
around software and electronics.  It would be nice to have a group
composed of the manufactures, ARRL, SAR groups, and other organizations
to help define the amateur radio of the future.  Maybe then our radios
could have have the capabilities that you seek and the other ideas that
have not even been expressed ot thought about yet.

With all the Kenwood bashing I have read on this board, it is no wonder
why Kenwood isn't developing another new radio.   Personally I like the
Kenwood TH-D700 , it may not be everthing that it could be in this day,
but nothing seems like it ever is.  The Kenwood  has a host of features
that most other radios don't, and at this time it is probably the best
radio on the market.  Kenwood took the risk to develope the D700 and the
D7 and should be praised for it.  It could have been better, but that's
hindsight now.  These additional features may not of been able to be
supported by market forces or business decisions at the time they were made.

I also would like to commend Bob for taking the time and effort to work
with Kenwood so they could bring the radio to the market.  He has shown
great devotion and dedication to APRS and has worked to define
standards.  He has also spent considerable time providing assistance to
others through this reflector.


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