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This begs the question of how many APRS users have an APRS-capable Kenwood radio?  I personally know of only one ham who has a KW D-700.


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> Andrew Rich wrote: 
> > Which begs me to ask. What is the best resolution and how from the APRS 
> > Spec ? 
> The best resolution is to use compressed mode. Unfortunately, several 
> months ago, Bob said that no one should use it at all, lest the be 
> tempted to use it on an Object or Item which wouldn't be decoded by the 
> Kenwoods. 
> If we all used compressed position packets (on all but items and 
> objects), all of our packets would be so much shorter and the 144.39 
> channel could support more users (or rather could better support the 
> existing ones!) 
> And we'd get the advantage of increased numerical precision, if not 
> accuracy (depends on the GPS). 
> -Lance 
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