[aprssig] Definitive digipeater specification?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 27 17:45:42 EST 2006

>>> ad6nh at arrl.net 02/27/06 5:24 PM >>>
>A few of us are experimenting with AX.25 digipeating, 
>using NSR...   we are proposing to use the "A" 
>overlay on these digis 

Actually, we are using the "A" overlay
for all ALT-INPUT digis that had the +600
alternate input on 144.99.  Maybe you could use
the X overlay for aX25?

And you know I am opposed to NSR routing unless
it allows DIGI1,DIGI2,DIGIn... routing.
Remember, the 3 hop path above gets a packet
from point A to the desired Point B with only
3 copies  And is the most efficient on-freq
method possible.  This is FAR LESS load on the network
than even a WIDE2-2 packet which can generate
16 copies in some areas.  

There just is no on-freq digipeating method more efficient 
for getting a packet from A to B then the directed
path.  Unless you go to tunneling, gateways, backbones
and level 4 and of course, then it is not "digipeating" and
therefore not part of the argument.

My position is that only the ORIGINATOR of a packet 
knows  where HE needs to communicate at any particular
instance.  NSR is an attempt to give SYSOPS total
control and force all users into a one-size fits
all definition of what APRS and the users are (tracking
for example)... And that just kills the flexibility of the 
system to respond to what a USER may need at any
given instant.

In otherwords, NSR is a solution for the flooding
problem we used to have but so is New-N, and
New-N has significanly solved that problem everywhere
it is used.  But New-N does not prohibit the very efficient 
point-to-point intellligent  use of the network when needed.
And New-N does not need re-configuration and detailed
SYSOP management at all digis each time a new digi 
comes or goes.

Good luck.... keep me posted on what you
learn and anything that we can learn from the


Robert Bruninga wrote:

>use my New-N Paradigm as the "official" digipeating
>guide for APRS these days.  
>Bob, WB4APR
>>>>scott at opentrac.org 02/27/06 4:17 PM >>>
>Is there any 'official' explanation of exactly how a modern APRS digipeater is supposed to function?  The AX.25 spec just covers the conventional digipeating.  I think I have a pretty good handle on it, but I know there's been some inconsistency out there.  Just want to make sure I'm working from the best source material available.
>A flow chart or state diagram would be great...
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