[aprssig] Geo Files

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun Feb 26 13:17:19 EST 2006

On Feb 26, 2006, at 10:01 AM, AE5PL Lists wrote:

> I already knew what they _didn't_ say.  I am
> asking the authors or anyone else who has _definite_ knowledge for an
> answer.

I doubt there is a definitive answer. My code is written on the  
middle of the pixel assumption, but in the vast majority of  
conditions it makes little or no effect. For example, the zoom  
function of radar-find:


the difference between assuming left-upper and center is two pixels,  
less than the width of the dot. Using plot.cgi it matters even less,  
as the icons are wider.

Granted with overlays of radar the potential is there for increased  
errors, but my point is up until this time it has not mattered much,  
so no one really defined it...

Steve K4HG

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