[aprssig] New APRS Client, Request for Developers

Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Sun Feb 19 00:32:10 EST 2006

Ray McKnight wrote:

> So will this require a user to download and install the .NET Framework
> package?  If so, you're leaving yourself open to a nightmare of support
> requests.  Personally, I won't touch .NET with a ten ft pole at least not at
> home for hobby purposes.
> Can you spell BLOATWARE...

Not to be rude, but you're going to have to bite the bullet sometime, 
any new software coming out is likely going to be using .Net as opposed 
to MFC.

> If your final product won't run on a plain, out of the box default OS
> installation it's in the same boat as XASTIR.  Most Hams are not programmers
> or computer guru's.

I realized the whole "Need to install .Net" argument when I first 
started thinking about releasing this unto the unsuspecting public, but 
at the same point, I'm not trying to make a product that will kill the 
UI-View/WinAPRS/XASTIR/etc communities. If people want to take it for a 
whirl, great, if not, they can continue using their program of choice. 
I'm just trying to see if something else can pop onto the scene that 
allows people to look under the hood and see what makes it tick.

As for the "final product needs to run on a vanilla OS install" comment 
I'll guess I'll time my release with the release of Microsoft Vista. ;)

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