[aprssig] New APRS Client, Request for Developers

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Sat Feb 18 21:21:39 EST 2006

On Feb 18, 2006, at 6:55 PM, Ben Jackson wrote:

> I dunno, I just never really like XASTIR. It literally takes about  
> 5 minutes to haul itself up on my Debian box (P4-1.6). Plus, I / 
> can't stand/ Motif. :)

Then why not jump in and contribute some code to the xastir project  
so the rest of us don't have to put up with it either?


Seriously, there is/was talk of switching to a different graphics  
front end.  I'm not a developer, so I didn't pay too much attention  
to the details.


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