[aprssig] New APRS Client, Request for Developers

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sat Feb 18 18:13:32 EST 2006

> Over the past month, I've been messing about with a APRS client for 
> Windows of my own making, OpenAPRS. OpenAPRS was initially started 

Any relation to openaprs.net?  If not, is the name conflict going to be an
issue?  And speaking of open source APRS stuff, who's planning to go to
Dayton?  I'll be there with my OpenTracker stuff (as Argent Data Systems)
along with Jim Jefferson of APRS World, with his wind loggers and such.  Any
other open source APRS types?

> (SourceForge seems slow today). I coded in in Visual Studio 2005 

What do you mean, 'today'?  =]  I guess it's a lot better than it used to
be, anyway...

> Questions? Comments? Rotten Tomatoes?

Sorry, just finished cleaning out the fridge.  There MAY have been some
rotten tomatoes in there, but if so, they were far beyond positive
identification as such!


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