[aprssig] D700 or... ? for simultaneous voice and packet

Andre PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Sat Feb 18 14:59:47 EST 2006

Wes Johnston schreef:

>That is correct.... If you are already transmitting voice, and the TNC
>wants to transmit, it will not until you unkey.  At that moment it will
>keyup and transmit a packet.  This often causes me to not hear the
>courtesy beep of my local repeater.... because when I unkey, the TNC
>transmits and by the time the packet is done the repeater has already
>played the C beep.
>Now, as far as receiving goes... If I am listening to the local 2m chit
>chat, and my d700 TNC wants to transmit, depending on a menu setting it
>will wait for one or both sides of the radio to be "quiet" before it
>transmits.  If you have it set to "both", and there is a lot of chit
>chat on your local repeater, the TNC will never transmit a position.  If
>you have it set to data band only, then invaribly the tnc will keyup and
>cause the voice side to mute (more correctly desense) if the voice side
>is on 2m and the TNC is transmitting on 2m.  If you happen to be on a
>70cm repeater, the two frequencies are so far apart that there is no
Actualy it´s niether mute or desense, the d700 turns off the vhf 
reciever when it is transmitting on vhf, it has to or it would blow out 
the forntend, when you operate on vhf/uhf the internal diplexer will 
take care of the protection and the reciever is not turmed off.

In the end it doesn´t realy matter tough because the result is the same, 
you can´t recieve on vhf when transmiting on vhf.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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