[aprssig] Variable Resistor on KPC3+?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 15 18:18:00 EST 2006

Good summary of setting up a remote WX station.

But I would ask for everyone to consider the load
on the network based on Height-above-average
terrain and rate:  We have a remote WX device in our
area that is consuming extrordinary bandwidth!
(40 packets per hour (average 1 every 90 secs
over 5 states!).

Can we agree for high sites:
Use WIDE 2-1 (one hop to surrounding digis) if 5 minutes
Use WIDE2-2 (2 hops) if 10 minute rate.
If device is sending two packets using the inefficient 
positionless WX and weatherless position format, instead
of the "complete" single packet format, then only send 
a position report once every 30 minutes.
 Bob, WB4APR

>>> "Andy AB9FX" <ab9fx at aprs.pl> 02/15/06 4:13 PM >>>
According to Peet Bros http://www.peetbros.com/HTML_Pages/faqs.htm#Q7 you 
need from RJ11 only two pins: 3 output and 5 ground. For using with KPC-3+ 
your Ultimeter should be in Packet Mode.
Signal from Ultimeter is accepted by KPC-3+ in the same way as from GPS 
unit. There are two methods to connect GPS or Ultimeter to KPC-3+.
First method, DB-25 pin 2 (TXD) and pin 7 (Signal Ground).
Second method, DB-9 (radio port) pin 2 (XCD as signal input) and pin 6 
In both cases configure commands:
data from Ultimeter fills up LT 1, so you need specify unproto in LTP 1 
and intervals as BLT 1 E 00:05:00 or similar
Use another LT 2, 3 or 4 for your position and corresponding LTP and BLT.
For the first method (DB-25), you need to put KPC-3+ in the GPS mode:
and after that connect to DB-25 Ultimeter instead of computer.
For the second method (DB-9), you need to configure port parameters:

Generally, if you do not need KPC3+ for any other purpose digi or whatever, 
I would recommend using WX Trak or Open Tracker, simple, well working, not 
so expensive.
WX Trak sends weather data without position (position in separate packet). 
Open Tracker gives you weather with position and smart beaconing for wind 
changes, but as I've checked three-four weeks ago didn't pass rain values 
(all were zero, probably under development).
Another reason to use WX Trak or Open Tracker, Ultimeter in Packet Mode is 
not readable by Kenwood's.

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>I was recently assigned to get a Peet Brother's weather station connected 
> a KPC3+ on the DB25 port back into working order.  When we checked the 
> DB25
> cable to the RJ11 on the Peet Brother's it has something I have not seen
> before and I was hoping someone could enlighten me what it is doing.
> The Peet Brother's is connected on pins 2,3,7 of the DB25 and then there 
> is
> a 100K Variable Resistor connected to pins 1,13, 15.  I am wondering if 
> this
> VR is necessary or what it is even doing.  I do not run it on my Peet
> Brother's station.
> Thanks,
> Mike
> Kb8zgl
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