[aprssig] UIDIG ID packet?

Richard Montgomery kb4ytm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 14:36:53 EST 2006

If we could convert this to a KPC-3 BTEXT and send it out more often 
then we could plot local 2m repeaters and such on users maps.

Just a thought,

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> I was watching the channel the other day and saw a 
> local UIDIGI ROM digipeater send out a packet something like this:
> W3XXX>UIDIGI:UIDIGI version 1.9
> THis packet is of no real value to APRS just like the
> HID packet in other TNC's.  It is not in APRS format,
> it uses a non APRS TOCALL, and it is not in STATUS
> format either.  Since the digi is supposed to include
> APNU19 as it's too call, then we already can see
> its version number in all of its other packets.
> Since it is not in APRS format, no one captures these
> are is aware of them unless they just happen to be
> watching RAW packets...
> So is there a way to turn this off?
> thanks
> Bob
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