[aprssig] D700 digi and unproto

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at jnos.org
Mon Feb 13 17:40:51 EST 2006

> The two ways I think it can go are:
> 1.  The D700's digi's have UIFLOOD set to "UIFLOOD WIDE,FIRST" and the
> trackers use WIDE3-3 for location beacons. The D700's that could hear each
> other would not duplicate packets but would propagate them back to the
> command post and potentially into the OC/LA network via the WIDE public
> digi's.
> Downsides:   The D700's mobiles on high hills might pickup traffic in the
> OC/LA network and use up hops, especially if they were high on a hill.

This would probably be an good place to use the TEMPn-N UIFLOOD 
configuration.  Then the D700's would be available to build an alternate 
network yet wouldn't interact with the standard WIDEn-N traffic.


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