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> Subject: [aprssig] "-B" SSID
> This is interesting, from a DStar user in the Dallas area I know.
> Didn't realize -Letter would work.. ? APRS-SA+ 2.24 is not 
> having trouble with it.
> Findu is OK with it also.

Steve modified findU last week to allow display of non-numeric SSIDs.
They have always been allowed and supported by most software on APRS-IS
and by most software including the Kenwood radios for third-party
packets on RF.

D-STAR does not use AX.25.  The packets you are seeing are converted to
APRS format using the DSTARInterface on javAPRSSrvr/javAPRSIGate.  There
is also a stand-alone version which can be used with any off-the-shelf
APRS software which can be an APRS-IS client (like UI-View, Xastir,
etc.).  For more information, take a look at
http://www.aprs-is.net/dstartnc2.htm  This is what is referred to by
Icom as D-PRS.


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